About Three Talents:

Who We Are:  Three Talents
We are passionate advocates for people with disabilities.  We have seen the positive impact inclusion of people with disabilities has in their lives and our lives.  We aspire to make meaningful opportunities available to people often forgotten and excluded from the workforce, the church and society.

We see great potential for people with disabilities to contribute to the businesses, their workforce, the church and society.  We help unlock this potential and create meaningful life-changing opportunities.

How we Started:
We launched a hiring program for people with disabilities at a global leading IT company.  We found the people we hired worked harder, had lower error rates, had lower turnover, and higher productivity than our typical worker.  So we hired more and more.  To increase the talent pool we started training candidates for specific entry level IT roles which led to the development of the academy program. 

Why Three Talents: 
There are two reasons we chose this name.

First, we were inspired by the parable of the Talents (Mathew 25:14-30).  We created Three Talents as lead by this parable to invest our talents selflessly, irrevocably, and fully to bring about the kingdom inside of us and all around us.  We believe we all have God given potential and our single goal is to help us each to realize our full potential....in work, in their spiritual life, and in society.

Secondly, we believe we all have a "third talent" that ultimately impacts our success in many aspects of our lives, but is often overlooked.  We see three talents in all people - 1) what they know; 2) what they experience; and 3) who they are.  Most often only the first two talents are evaluated for employment.  However, we believe the third talent is the most important determiner of our success in life.  It includes character traits, attitude, and commitment.  Because people with disabilities excel at the third talent they are often exceptional employees.

We seek to make the most of our talents and unlock the talents of others. We enable extra-ordinariness

What We Do:  Create Opportunities
We consult with business, non-profits, universities, religious, and government organizations to unlock the potential people with disabilities provide to their organizational mission, results, brand, and workforce. 

We also build training academies that create an untapped talent supply chain for organizations, and develops employable skills that lead to meaningful careers for the candidates. 

Our only ambition is to create meaningful opportunities for people who deserve it, and organizations who seek transformative impact.

Why We Do It:  To Unlock Potential and Transform Lives  
We see great potential from all people and unlock it.  We see the profound impact people with disabilities contribute to a business, organization and society.  We see the transformative impact inclusion has on their lives...and ours.