Three Talents

Unlocking Potential; Raising Opportunities; Transforming Lives

We are passionate advocates for people with disabilities who are committed to transforming and enriching the lives of people with disabilities employment, in their faith lives, and in society.

We fully invest our total selves to bring forward the best of ourselves and all around us.

Our Favorite Quote

“Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.”

Who We Are:

Who We Are

We are passionate advocates for people with disabilities.

We aspire to make meaningful opportunities available to people often forgotten and excluded.

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What We Do

We provide insight, solutions, and inspiration to impact as many lives as possible.

We seek to create transformational opportunities for people who deserve it, and organizations who seek it.

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Why We Do It

We seek to change the world by using our talents and unlocking the talents of others.

We see great potential from all people and unlock it.  We see the transformative impact inclusion has on their lives...and ours.