Three Talents

Unlocking Skills; Raising Opportunities; Transforming Lives

We are passionate advocates for people with disabilities who are committed to transforming lives through employment. We provide expertise to expand disability employment and build training academies that unlock the great potential of people with disabilities.  Our thought leadership helps companies improve their workforce, productivity and brand equity.  Our academies enable meaningful employment that changes lives.We give back by helping religious and charitable organizations expand disability belonging.  We offer products that fund our cause, support our partners, and inspire our movement.  Our leadership helps religious organizations expand belonging for all people.

What do you see?

Some see a bird that cannot fly and waddles slowly on land.      

We see a unique talent that is unparelled in the sea.  Penguins can swim 25 mph, dive to depths of 1500 ft, and thrive at temperatures of 100 below zero.  

At Three Talents we recognize, unlock, and enable the unique gifts of people with disabilities.

Our Favorite Quote

“Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.”

Our Partners

Testimonials: Changing Lives

" This whole IT academy is the greatest opportunity I have every received, and I am going to master this no matter what."

Student in "Execeptional Academy" in Michigan

"I love this program.  I did  not have any hope prior to being accepted in this program.  Prior to coming into this academy I did not see any future.  I wanted more. Now I have a career.  I would tell anyone with a disability, never give up on faith and hope because there is ... an opportunity to  better yourself and your career. "  Click here for video

Student in "abilITy Academy" in New York City.

"These are some of our best employees. The benefits to (our company) are far greater than people realize. They bring an attitude, approach to the customer, and empathy for the customer … that is a real asset for us.”

Executive who hired our candidates

"Of all the programs we support, this one is by far my favorite.  It is "out of the box", has huge potential for impact, and is changing lives."

Divisional Director State Department of Vocational Reahabilation

"I'm sorry for being emotional, but I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity you have given my son with this program.  We have been waiting over 20 years for something good to happen for him and now his opportunity is finally here because of this program."

Mother of Student in Academy in Michigan

Who We Are:

Who We Are

Three Talents Advisors:
We are passioniate advocates for people with disabilities. 

We aspire to make meaningful employment opportunities available to people with disabilities and provide employers access to this untapped talent pool.  Our approach is innovative and transformative.

We see the great potential to contribute to the business, brand, and workforce of many organizations through unlocking potential and creating meaningful life-changing opportunties for all.

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What We Do

Enable Disability Employment:  
We unleash the potential of people with disabilities through employment and unlock access to this  untapped talent pool.  

We provide expertise, and build innovative training academies for transformative careers in IT.  Our services unlock access a large untapped talent pool and build a talent supply chain.  Our academies develop employable skills to enable meaningful careers in IT for people with disabilities. 

We are single focused on one :employment.  Our only ambition is to enable opportunity for meaningful employment that transforms  lives.  

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Why We Do It

Unlock Potential & Transform Lives:  
We believe we all have disabilities, some are just more apparent.  All people have great potential and aspire to have meaningful work.  Employers struggle to find talent while millions just want a chance to contribute and prove themselves.  We create these opportunities that unlock amazing potential.    

We recognize, unlock and enable opportunities that innovate employment and enrich lives.